Dance Dance Revelation

26 Feb


So, a couple days ago, I went to a school dance with some friends. Of course, there were a few slow songs and some of the really cute couples got together and danced, and then a few boys asked non-girlfriends to dance. I was faced with the challenge of awkwardly turning down a boy (or in my case and Ex…). It is going to happen to all of us at some point so we should practice saying no. The less painful the conversation turns out to be, the less awkward your friendship will turn out to be as well. To help you say no, here is a really nice WikiHow webpage:

Seems easy. But it’s really not. Try practicing on your friends because I bet they need the practice as well.

Good Luck!





22 Feb


Sorry I’m two days late! To make it up, I am going to do a blog post to land in the top 10 best EVER.

Challenge accepted…

So here it is: Amazing photography.

BORING, right? Actually, not at all. Here are some really cool photo’s that my friend sent me. These are called ‘It’s hard to say which is more amazing, the animals or the photography?!’





Sorry the photos didn’t show, but do check out the links!
My fav is the cat chasing the mouse, eating the cheese.
More to come,
-What more is life about


16 Feb

Hey guys!

Many of you have probably never heard of this before but it’s a band. My dad is really into them right now, so I can sing all the words to most of their songs. I would recommend looking them up on You tube. My favorite one of theirs is ‘Somebody that I Used to Know’ featuring Kimbra. Love it!!

That’s Gotye.
Honesty, this kinda reminds me of Florence and the Machines.
So yep, check em’!
Also make sure to check out the band Bon Iver.
I personally haven’t heard them but one of my best friends is in LOVE with them!
I promise, I will blog about something more intersting next time!
-What more is life about

Valentines Day

13 Feb

Hey guys!

So what are you doing for V-Day?

Well, whether it’s going out with some friends or going on a date, these will be sure to brighten up your day!

Here’s what we are doing: Marble Nails.

(I had a ton of cute pictures but for some reason I couldn’t upload them, so if you want to see them here is the link:

They are super easy and insanely cute!

Here is a link to youtube that shows a good tutorial video.

Also here is a cute website where they show you what to do using step by step pictures and another video.

You Will Need:

  • Tape
  • Several pink/red/white colored nail polishes
  • Undercoat of nail polish
  • Container
  • Toothpicks
  • Water

See, easy! So make sure to try it out, also you can use marble nails for everyday living, this is only V-Day themed because we are using valentines day colors.


-What more is life about



9 Feb


So a couple of days ago my dad won a fish from a competition. He is now mine and his name is Penderghast after Olive Penderghast from the movie Easy A with Emma Stone. If you haven’t seen it you really need to rent it ASAP! But be warned it is PG 13. Anyway this weekend my daddy and I are going to the pet store to get the him a friend and the nececities, like better food, a filter, a bigger bowl, etc. I, the genius I am, decided to name his friend Badgley because Olive falls in love with ‘Todd’ in the movie who’s part is acted out by Penn Badgley (my celeb crush). Also if you nickname Penderghast Penn, then there is the other fish Badgley…. get it? Penn Badgley? Well I thought I was being smart!

This is the first pet of mine that is all my responsibility and I am taking it really seriously, even though its only a fish. I am looking forward to having my goldfish for the next couple years if I succeed! Anyway, I love this cutie. And yes I did just call i fish a cutie…


-What more is life about

Love Kit Sew

6 Feb


So you know how I love Make and Mingle!? Well they have another website called “”

On it is me and my friend Alice! I am a model for most of the products and we both participate in the tutorials

(I am the one with partially red hair)

So anyway you can get these kits from Make and Mingle or from the love kit sew website.

Like us on twitter or youtube.


-What more is life about

ps. sorry this post was so short.

Band of the Month!

2 Feb


As you know at the beginning of my blog I declared that I would be doing a band of the month segment. Being true to my word I am doing that right now. This months ‘Band of the Month’ is…. (drum roll please)


Thank you, thank you! So I decided to pick Feist as the band of the month because I think all of her songs are fantastic and I also think that a large group of people would enjoy them. Also each song is very different from the other. Lets give Feist another round of applause!

So make sure to check out her songs! My fav’s are:

I feel it all


Moon My Man

Sea Lion Woman


and more!

Please give her a listen, I don’t think she will dissapoint you! She sings Alternative music, for those of you who don’t listen to this type of music give it a try and for those who do ROCK ON!


-What more is life about